Sunday, March 22, 2009

My other new "toy"

Well, after perusing eBay to bid on cricuts, I decided to start off with getting a personal cricut and upgrade to the expression later on. I found a great auction and won a brand new factory sealed cricut for only $99.00! The cricut also came with the George and Basic Shapes cart so I've been experimenting with my new toy since it had arrived this past Friday.

I would like to invest in more carts but I may have to wait a while since my paypal account is down to $8 and the hubby isn't going to transfer any more money into it for the time being. We do have bills to pay and he has been more than generous with the amounts he had originally transferred in there for our spending pleasure!

However, I did run to Walmart Friday night to buy a few necessities for the cricut. I bought a pack of extra cutting mats, a pack of replacement blades and a spatula. I also eyed up the cricut sophisticated colored pens but I figured I'll invest in a pack on my next trip. They are pretty inexpensive and a substitute for variety until I can invest in more carts.